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My HX1000W is LOUD as HELL


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So, I bought a new HX1000W PSU to replace my HX620W. I intend to go SLi at some point and wanted to get the HX1000W. I replaced my HX620W with the HX1000W and holy hell this thing is loud in comparison. I don't even have be playing a game - I just need to do a little intensive CPU stuff and this thing just hits full blast and sounds likes it's going to suck my entire system into itself. When I'm gaming it's absolutely insanely loud. My HX620W was almost silent at FULL LOAD!!! I NEVER heard that thing.


This is unacceptable. It is so loud, it is completely distracting. It's not a fan problem (no grinding or clicking) but I'm pretty sure the temp sensors to kick it on are too sensitive or something.


Please HELP, Corsair.


Also, is there any way to cross-ship me a new PSU?

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