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16GB Voyager GT slow speeds


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Hi there.

I've bought today a 16GB Voyager GT USB Stick.

The problem with this stick is that it has a very very low transfer rate. I opted for 16GB especially for transferring big files (so I don't really know why it comes FAT32 formatted). Anyhow ... I formatted it with NTFS.

Except big files I also want to use it to carry my music around ... so that's a lot of 4MB files.

Cutting to the chase:

- transferring an 839MB movie to the drive ... time (measured with a stopwatch): 51 seconds (great till now cause my old stick managed "just" 59 seconds)

- transferring 753MB of MP3s to the drive ... time: 5 minutes and counting (about 25% of the whole transfer being done) ... I think that's a little to much for this GT considering my old stick managed 1 minute and 3 seconds.

Anybody has some sort of explanation? Don't turn me to benchies or so ... I just want the real life performance I thought I was paying for.


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  • Corsair Employees

The drives will slow down with NTFS.

But to be sure it is performing properly, Please try and format the drive with the Format utility from the SD-CARD Organization. Then run the test again and see if that helps. The please try the HD-Bench software to test the performance with a 100MB File size selected. And let me know the results.

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