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one of my "CM2X2048-6400C5 isn´t working


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Hi support,


since last week one of the memory-Sticks isn´t working.

I shutted down my pc, went to my girlfriend for 3 days and as i came back and started the pc my display didn´t get a signal...

So i tested the sticks in single mode-->same problem!

I tested Stick 1 (the good one) alone-->no problem!

I tested Stick 2 (the bad one) alone-->same problem!


With the bad stick in system i can´t do something...Can´t get into the Bios or something else. I don´t get the "It´s all OK" Signal (single piep) from the Board!


So that one Stick is surely not ok!


what should i do?


Thanks in advance



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