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rma issued problem with postage


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i have had an RMA ticket issued for a 6 month old TX750W where the fan is making and extremely annoying clicking sound.


the stumbling block i have is the cost of postage from the UK to the netherlands


i was quoted £35 GBP to mail the unit back which is about half of what the unit cost in the first place.


i would like to know if there is an alternative address here in the uk i could send the unit to or if there is an alternative way to have the unit replaced.

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one of the site you gave me wanted £60 to ship and the other one is for complete re housing

parcel force have quoted me the same


at a cost of £30+ for shipping i wont bother sending it and just replace the fan myself shame the warranty will be void but then again at that type of cost the warranty will be pretty useless be easier just to replace the unit with a new one when it goes bang.


would it be possible for me to send to one of your resellers in the UK and have them look at it

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