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corsair drives is only 8MBps


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didn't really wanna hijack this thread.


but can i ask you some questions?



why is it that the write speed on corsair drives is only 8MBps, when the other brand i have does over 20MBps, and its literally 40$ cheaper?...


same size drives, tested on multiple computers.


the next question is, and i asked this before, what are my options other then rma'ing the drive? is it possible to get a refund from corsair?


i rma'd this thing twice now to corsair and its speeds haven't gotten any better.


the place i purchased it from, which i didn't know this, has a zero refund policy on all corsair flash drives....

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Model DT150/32GB


also heres some links to review benchmarks that show the speeds corsair survivor 32gb gets, which is 8mb write and 23 mb read.



and heres the other drive. with 18 meg write, and 32 meg read.



both are reviewed by the same site using the same software so it cant really be seen as biased in any way.

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199-90$? :laughing:



it was on newegg.com for 44.99 when i bought it. no mail in rebates. just flat 44.99.


the survivor was 84.99 when i got it.




that took literally two seconds in google searching dt150/32gb



and yes, ive tested it.


i would post screenshots of its speed but its currently sitting on my desktop at work.


so as to my other question.


is it possible to get a refund from corsair for this survivor drive?

newegg wont refund any corsair flash drives.


i would easily rma it in a heartbeat if i could get better speeds, but so far after two rmas and one of them being tested by corsair, none have even hit the 8mbps speeds for write, and average read was about 22mbps.

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ive stated several times before that newegg has a zero refund policy on corsair flash drives.


therefor i cannot refund it through them.



i understand that i didn't purchase it through your website.*is that even possible?* but what i don't understand is, why im being stuck with something that is of absolutely zero use to me.


it takes my "other" 32gb drive 30 minutes to do what it takes my corsair drive over 2 and a half hours to do.


does that seem reasonable to you?


to me thats just insane.


to be a long time customer and get a lemon of a product like this, not once, but three times, is even more crazy.


is there some way i can contact a supervisor or administrator on the subject?


because to me, this is just unacceptable.

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