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Authorized Corsair distributor in Estonia?


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Recently I purchased Corsair RAM and flash memory from the firm called "Ordi". It was Corsair's official distributor some time ago, maybe 2-3 years. I remember that because at that time I purchased Corsair PSU and checked warranty conditions. So now "Ordi" is not in your list, I was suprised actually. Does it mean that my memory modules have 2 year warranty as Ordi says instead of "lifetime" and "10 years"?




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I am sorry as I do not have anything to do with what reseller may be on our list but once they are on the list they would not be removed unless they asked to be removed or maybe they were just over looked when we updated the web site.

However regardless of them being on the list if it was purchased from an authorized distributor then it will have our warranty, IE Lifetime on memory 10 Years on Flash Voyager and Survivor Drives and 5 Years on PSU's.

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