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I installed uncompatible RAM and failed to boot !


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Hi ..

I am Tiger


My problem is an extension of unsolved problem that I posted it in several forums even the intel technical support could not figure out what was the problem ..


Before One month , I bought the DX58SO motherboard with the i7 intel and 1GB corsair RAM (2 pieces ,which are not compatible that I discovered later ) and connected them with my PSU 600w and the 8800 Geforce 320 GTS .. I started the PC but no video output (just the fans and LEDs are working ) I disconnected everything , removed the MB outside the tower and just plugged the CPU and RAM and still the same ,I contacted the Intel support and asked me to remove the RAMs and to start the PC as a MB test , I did this test and did`nt hear any beeps ( it should beep 3 times ) and they explaned it as a MB failure b/c of RAM incompatiblity ....

I ordered another MB ( MSI X58 platinum ) with compatible RAM (TR3X3G1333C9 DDR3-1333 (XMS3-10666C9*3CH) 3GB Kit (3 x 1GB) 1.5v from corsair )and got the same senario !!!

THe PSU and Graphic card tested on my second PC and working fine ...

So I left with the processor being the last suspected part .. So do you think my problem is a processor related ?? and how can I make sure if it is working

also do you think the previous MB has damaged my processor ??

Has RAM incompatiblitiy ruined everything (MB and processor ?? )


Please Help ...


Thanks in advance ..

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Ram is passive. Ram can not physically damage components but components can physically damage memory. There is no such thing as a motherboard failure due to RAM incompatibility. A motherboard failure indeed, but not one because of RAM incompatibility.


Did you place your memory in the second, fourth and sixth slots?

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