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Plz help me select a PSU for core i7+gtx280


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Hello people,


First of all, this is my 1st post and i hope im posting this question in the correct section, if not please forgive me.. :(


I need help so as to what psu rating (of corsair) shud i go for?? i (as of now) will be getting just a single gtx280 (as i hv said above in my config) but later on MIGHT add on more gtx280 (in SLi) with the prev one..


SO, is a 850W COrsair psu enough or shud i go for a 1000W ?? (plz im really restricted in my budget, but if need be i'll get a 1000W psu)


Also, wat UPS shud i get for the above configuration (considering tat later on I MIGHT add on more gtx280 (in SLi) with the prev one.. )


So suggest me the following:


1.) psu requirement for the config as given above

2.) ups (preferably from APC) requirement for the above config


3.) psu requirement wen i add an extra eVGA gtx280 card (after say a year)

4.) ups requirement of 2xgtx280 (in SLi)



Cheers n e-peace....

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ok thanx for the reply (Sorry for replying late)...


THe PSU finder at the Corsair Site recommends me a HX1000 psu for a gtx280 (in SLi), I am a bit restricted in my budget (as i hv already spent USD 1944 on my cpu),


so was wondering if the TX850 can support gtx280 in SLi (in future, wen i plan to add 1 more card in SLi)


Here in INDIA (as im from India as well),


1. ) the HX1000 costs Rs.14,800 (USD 308.33) (considering 1 USD=Rs.48)


2.) the TX850 costs (approx.) Rs.10,200 (USD 212)


3.) so, difference is USD 96 $ (and this is a bit too much) :(


So plz give me an honest advice if i can go for TX850, (for a single gtx280 its gr8 but advice me for gtx280 in SLi) :confused::confused:



Also, wat wattage or VA rating of UPS shud i hv (if i plan to get TX850) !! :confused:


Is 1100VA (660 Watts) rating UPS from APC (model BR1100) enough ?



I need replies on jus these 2 parts, (esp more on the TX850 vs HX1000).. :)




Cheers n e-peace...

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