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Flash Voyager 16GB - getting slower?


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A company I work for is involved in purchasing large numbers of Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB units for usage as bootable linux drives.


The systems drives are connected to is a USB2 controller on an Intel 945G chipset. During testing we noticed that newer batches of the drives are performing 30% slower than drives we purchased a few months ago.


We have confirmed that all the slower drives have a different firmware than the older drives. The older and faster firmware drives have a firmware version "1100" while the newer/slower drives report version "0.00".


Is there a known problem with the newer drives thats being corrected ? Or possibly have some of the components been swapped for slower/different ones in newer drives, and the change will be permanent?


We were planning on deploying these drives on a wide scale, but with this type of variability in performance, we may have to choose an alternate solution.

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the Firmware version is actually a different controller and I am sorry as the older controller was no longer available the new controller is a bit slower but there is nothing that can be done about it. We are looking for another controller that will perform better but at this time there is little we can do.
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