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Corsair hx620w fan cable


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I had a pc custom made about 8 months ago and have a Corsair Hx620W PSU. Today was about the first time where I've actually taken a good look inside the PC. I've noticed that there is no PSU fan cable attached. Yet according to the Manual the Package Contents should include a

1 Y-adapter with a 4-pin female peripherals power connector at one end and two female 4-pin peripherals FAN ONLY power connectors at the other.


I can't find anything that resembles what I would think of as a fan cable however. Also on my motherboard the fan connector is 3-pin not 4 pin. I'm feeling a bit confused :confused:

So two questions

  1. Can anyone tell me or better again show an image of what the Corsair hx620w fan cable should look like.
  2. Will I be able to connect it to my motherboard fan connector.

thanks for any help.

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The fan cable is a normal 4 pin Molex plug, but with "FAN ONLY" on the side of it. They are not for plugging into the motherboard, but for connecting case fans which have the Molex style plug.


Cheers. I think that I just got my 'wires crossed'. I checked the power supply and the fan is workign fine. I've closed up my case now but I think that fan cable is already attached and working fine. Thanks again for making that clear for me.

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The 3 pin fan cable from the PSU is only to allow the motherboard to see the PSU fan's speed, the fan will run exactly the same with it attached or disconnected.


This is true on some PSUs but not all have it. None of the Corsair PSUs have this 3 pin connector for a fan speed monitor.

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