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HX 1000 issues with i7


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I bought an HX1000 and installed it yesterday. Although I tested it prior to installation, it just did a small fan turn and cut out. Traced it to the wiring harness from my rad fans.


I have 3 fans wired into one Molex, which also lower the fans voltage from 12v to 7v. I've had no problems with this set-up on my old PSU, would it be an issue with the HX1000?


After directly connecting the fans the system powered up. However, as soon as I tried loading my 24/7 OC it would not complete the boot sequence. I noticed even my UV light strip was only about 1/3 lit. Removed it, no change. I then disconnected the 3 HD's I was not using and then it booted fully.


When I ran Prime, my 5v would instantly drop to 4.96 and if I tried any higher OC's it would BSOD. Ones that I've done with an 850W no problem.


I have heard nothing but good stories about this PSU, so I was slightly surprised to have so many problems.


Using a wiring harness like I do is important, as at full speed those fans are like being in a wind tunnel!

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I had hoped for a reply to this post.


I just exchanged my HX1000 for another one. All I hooked up was:


24 pin connector

8 pin connector

8 & 6 pin hard wired PCI-e connector to 280 FTW at stock speeds

4 SATA hard drives



I have a 940@ 3.8. Once again it would not complete the boot.


I then put back my old 850 (another brand) and the system booted fine.


It seems odd with the good name these PSU's have, that I have had 2 DOA's.

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It should not make a difference but, please connect the video card with 2 modular PCI-e connectors.


Also, is there an auxiliary power plug on the motherboard, either a 4 pin molex or a SATA header to supply extra power to the MOBO. If yes, do you have it connected?

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I will try with the modular cables, I had thought about that, but then it states in the manual to put the primary card on the hard wires.


Even if this does make it post, it will not be a solution as I plan to run 3 cards when the Classified comes out.


No the motherboard does not have a molex for extra power.

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