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I purchased a pack of Corsair 'TWIN2X2048-6400 G' RAM in November 2007. All has been fine and good until last week when my PC repeatedly BSOD. I have performed various tests and I have reason to believe that one of the 1GB module of RAM has developed a fault.


1) Firstly I removed both modules/sticks of RAM and only inserted 1 module and turned my PC on. The result was that my PC would BSOD only on 1 of the sticks and would run perfectly fine with the other.


2) I performed memtest with only 1 module/stick of RAM at a time and also reseated them in each of my 4 DIMM SLOTS. The results showed that 1 of the modules consistently gave a lot of errors in all slots it was inserted in (2000+ errors already in approx 15 seconds!). The other module was fine and gave no errors at all even after 40 passes in each slot.


These are following details of each module:

CM2X1024-6400 ver5.2 / 5-5-5-12, 800Mhz, 1024MB, XMS2-6400

(Module 1) 1996543 07431976 - FAIL memtest, constant BSOD

(Module 2) 1996544 07431976 - PASS memtest, no BSOD

Warranty Sticker: E32919 / 212276

Barcode: MEC-D22048T80K


My situation is that I live in England, UK and thus purchased the Corsair RAM from a UK reseller (http://www.eclipsecomputers.com). As I purchased the RAM in November 2007, the warranty with them has expired, therefore I am forced to contact Corsair directly.


I have searched the internet but cannot find any contact details for Corsair contacts in UK to deal with my problem. Therefore, please could you help me and provide any contacts in the UK whom can deal with my problem? The reason for this request is because if I have to send back my RAM modules to your RMA Department in the US, the shipping costs may exceed the cost of purchasing another set of RAM.


Please could you inform of what options are available for me.


Many thanks in advance.

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Corsair does not have any offices in the UK. All RMA processing goes through the corporate office in the USA as far as I know, however you would actually send your memory to their depot in the Netherlands.


Oh ok, that will be cheaper, so that is good. Also, will I need to send both modules of RAM?

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