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Intel xmp question


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Hallo to everyone.

On the manual of my board I read :

" To obtain the best performances of the xmp dimm or 1600Mhz Dimm insert only one dimm on each memory channel".

My question is simple : is this true or i can safely use dual channel AND the XMP enabled ?

Thanks in advance !!

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"insert only one dimm on each memory channel" means one stick per channel. 2 channels = dual channel. So pop the memory in, set the XMP (personally I prefer just setting it manually), and that's it.

It's not as clear to me .. I have 2 slot black and 2 slot orange .. I have to put the dimm only on the 2 orange or 1 in the orange and 1 in the black ? The scheme is Channel A : 1 black, 1 orange ( A1 - A2) and Channel B ( B1 - B2)..

The right set is to be A2 - B2 ? Am I right ?

Sorry, I'm italian and sometimes it's difficult to understand the right meaning of a string of text...

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