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RMA number required


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Hi Ramguy.


Have 2x 1Gb DDR2 800 xpert modules that are not working - have tested them in another pc to check it is the modules that are faulty - POST 1 long tone followed by two short beeps. Have tried other ram in faulty machine and boots fine.


I phoned Scan Computers in the UK and they said it would be quicker to send directly back to yourselves so if you could provide me with an RMA I would appreciate it.


Can you confirm whether you have XPERT modules in stock please as I have been unable to locate ANY in the UK.


Many thanks

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Many thanks guys. Online RMA form completed so will post them back as soon as I have the RMA details.


I really hope there are a couple of sticks of Xpert lying around on a shelf somewhere at corsair as warranty states will swap for equivalant or better - now there isnt anything better and if there is no equivalant i'm up a stream without a paddle. lol.

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