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How much wattage do I need?


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I have an Ultra 850w power supply. Based on the troubleshooting results with Intel, it's not strong enough to power my system.


It's working now, but only because I purchased a low-end graphics card and removed one of the Corsair 2GB memory modules.


I want to be able to run my system with the Radeon 4870 2GB card and a full 6GB of Corsair memory.


What wattage should I look for in a power supply to run my system?


(Oh, I also want to add a couple more internal hard 1.5TB drives.)



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The TX650 would fit that system very well, with power to spare.


On your current PSU, I would come to the conclusion that it is the Ultra PSU's lower quality that is causing your problems, and that even the HX520 PSU from Corsair would probably power that system fine.

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I've been wondering about that (the possible lower quality), thank you for confirming my suspicions.


I'm going to order a Corsair 1000w just to be safe. It may be overkill right now, but within a few months I would like to add a liquid cooling system.


Thanks for all of your help.





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Hi Guys.


It took me a while to upgrade my power supply from the Ultra X3 850 Watt, but I did.


My Corsair 1000w supply arrived today from Amazon.com.


The way you guys have the cables organized is excellent--install was absolutely flawless, without difficulty.


I installed my remaining 2GB Corsair RAM (for a total of 6GB), added the Dominator fan, pressed Power and it worked just like I expected it to.


I am VERY happy with Corsair.


Thank you for the support.

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