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Gateway Select 1200 with MS-6389 Ver: 1 Mobo


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I've got this system here and from specs I dug up on Gateways site it says it supports:


PC133 SDRAM DIMM system memory

Two Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) slots.

Supports 1 GB SDRAM

(using 256 Mbit-based DRAM)


I'm hoping that means I can use 2 512mb sticks, 1 for each DIMM. Since SDRAM is kinda pricey now I may just do a 512mb stick and a 256mb. From doing some googling I've read different memory reviews saying this mobo is very picky with the ram it accepts.


So, basically, can you recommend which 512 & 256mb sticks I can use in this machine.



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Can't find that system in the Corsair Compatibility Site, so I'd go with whatever memory Gateway recommends.

Correct, we no longer manufacture or sell this speed grade and have not for several years now. I'd suggest you go with a Gateway recommendation or perhaps even a local shop. The advantage of buying locally is that you can take the system to them and test the memory in the system before you leave which may help you avoid potential issues.

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