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corsair turboflash problem


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Hello all.

I have a problem with my corsair turboflash 1gb (windows vista accelerator).

recenlty I was creating bootable usb containing picoxp.

The picoxp creation kit created iso image which i decided to write with UltraIso on my usb-stick (yeah the latest ultraiso can write bootable images on usb-sticks and it was already done by me two times before without any problems), but this time when i written to the flash something went wrong and i got stick redetected in windows xp as SKYMEDI USB Drive USB Device. :confused:

It appears as removable disk but I can't format it: XP complains that there is no disk in drive K: and when I try to open it - XP askes to insert disk into drive :eek:

Dunno how's that happend but it looks like usb-stick reflased as some other usb drive/media :(:

Is there any corsair utillity to reflash the stick?

Or is there any driver (like some .inf files) which i could try to throw at XP so it will again think that it's a usb flash and all I need is to repartition it?

what controller is used on this usb-stick? is there any app which can restore usb-stick's functionality? (note that data restore is not required)

Now it blinks with a period of 3 seconds and i cant fdisk, parted and ddit even in linux.

here's a photo of this device


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well it was a little problematic for me to try this method because i do not have a floppy in my pc but i managed to get usb-fdd from my friend.

so i've written w98 se boot floppy, booted it, ran fdisk, got 2nd fixed device, selected it, but oops no partition table on it.

well i decided to create one then and got stuck at Verifying drive integrity 0% complete. and it looks like no read/write goes on usb-stick because it continues to blink with 3 second period (it could be some service signal).

ps i also noticed a wierd thing when choosing another fixed drive:


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oh gawd why you make ppl think the stick is dead.

some good guy from ixbt forum helped me to gather info about my stick:

so he given me this info:

Controller = SkyMedi SK6201

Memory Model = Samsung K9F4G08U0A

Memory Type = SLC

VID = 1516

PID = 8628

Vendor (by VID) = Skymedi

Product (by PID) = Pen Drive

Manufacturer = SKYMEDI

Product = USB Drive

Query Vendor ID = SKYMEDI

Query Product ID = USB Drive

Query Product Revision = 1.0

And suggested to search for manufacturer's apps to reflash my stick -> here it is. (SK6201_MP_TOOL_V1)

Maybe it's a little outdated but with a little patience a managed to reformat my usb flash and get my 1gb. (hey you can rename it there (as named hardware) and even get a little more of those from reserved space, but thats dangerous)


lulz, now it's TurboFlash-GvM :sunglasse

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