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TW3X4G1600C9DHX Wont Run At Advertised Speeds


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I need some help getting my memory to work at the advertised speed (1600).


I've overclocked the processor, changed the northbridge voltage to 1.3-1.4, DRAM voltage set to 1.8, 9-9-9-24 timings, everything else on auto. It won't even post when I try to run at 1600. What settings do I need on my motherboard (ep45t-ds3r)?

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I personally believe that the DDR3 platform was created for i7 and that transitioning to Core 2 and DDR3 was simply a money grab. I see more issues with people attempting to get high DRAM speeds on DDR3 with Core 2 than anything else.


For example. I have a plain vanilla P5Q mainboard with DDR2. It allows for 1100Mhz on 6GB of 1066Mhz DRAM and an easy 4.1Ghz overclock.


Getting 1600Mhz on this 500.00(CAN) Rampage extreme and 4.1Ghz has not brought about a stable gaming platform. I can make 4.3Ghz, 1700Mhz on the DRAM both linpack and memtest stable but will crash on games in minutes. The STOP errors are System_Service_Exception, Page Fault, STOP 03, STOP 07, etc. etc. I have interchanged GTX 260 with HD 4870 with the same results. More stop errors occur, but the issue is certainly MCH <--> DRAM related and leads me to assume that just as Intel has a tick / tock strategy with CPU die shrink, they do the same with their newest technological data translation devices.


I am stable now, but had to drop speeds to get that gaming stability. My 100.00 motherboard with cheap DDR2 is more stable than the 500.00 motherboard with costly DDR3.


So to sum up, I have only found these methods to deal with X38/X48/P45 and High Speed and High Capacity DDR3 DRAM.


I have dropped to 1GB modules of > 1333Mhz DRAM


I have lowered 1600Mhz DRAM to 1333Mhz when using 2GB modules.


Then via overclock, I have been able to find ~1500Mhz on the DRAM and still have long term stability. I finally just sold the hardware and moved to i7. It has its issues as well, but not DDR3 related. Cold boot and standby issues abound though. :(:

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