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Is a 650watt psu enough to power my system?


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I have upgraded my pc to the spec in the drop down list above. Inicially I had a 500watt psu powering it. When playing games this psu generally tended to overheat and shut the computer off. I was told to get a new psu and after much discussion settled on the corsair 650 (noted in the drop down list too).


After a few months however this psu exploded (no damage I can tell to any other componants thankfully). I sent my psu off to and got a brand new one in return.


Now my question is, will the 650watt psu be able to power my computer so that I can use it to its full potencial (max settings on games), or do I need a more powerful one? I ask as I am a little concerned about the same thing happening again. It was never explained why the other psu exploded.


Thanks for your help,


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