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Warranty Service DENIED because sticker fell off


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Honestly, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen when it comes to RMA/warranty support. I purchased an 8GB Corsair Survivor memory stick that died a few months later, sent it in for RMA support and just got back a letter saying that you will not warranty the product because the sticker fell off. I mean... seriously? Are you freaking serious?


You are marketing a "hardcore" product with:

# Protected by a Limited 10-year Warranty.

# Encased in extremely strong CNC-milled, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.

# Water resistant to 200M through the use of a EPDM waterproof seal.

# Protected from vibration or impact damage through the use of a molded shock dampening collar.


And you won't service it because the FREAKING STICKERS FELL OFF?


As soon as I get a chance I'll write up something good and send it off to The Consumerist, because this is some serious BS. And to think I've been recommending this product to everyone I know. Now I have to go around and tell them that the 10-year warranty is only good if they can make sure that the product stickers say firmly attached.

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no offense, but i find this kinda hard to believe.


ive never heard of a warranty being voided because a sticker fell off, and if this is true, it is completely unacceptable and horrible.


if you could post the letter or a pic of the letter it would be greatly appreciated.

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I apologize for the poor quality.




But you get the idea. The other thing that's odd? This letter is dated before they received the RMA. In fact, I think it's dated before I even mailed the damn thing. So they've got a stock pile of letters laying around to tell people that they aren't providing warranty service because the product is missing a label?


You know, I could understand if it was for an undifferentiated product, like a video card or a memory module. That makes sense to me. You don't have time to look up serials if you suspect someone is trying to RMA a product from another manufacturer. But here you have a "hardcore" product, which only Corsair makes, with a supposed 10-year warranty... and then you don't warranty it because of a missing product label? You should change the warranty from 10 years to "warrantied as long as the Corsair sticker is on there" because I guarantee you that no glue will last 10 years on a product that will be handled every day. The corner started to peel after just a few weeks. And I did use it every day, but I don't have like massively sweaty hands or anything.


My guess is that it's probably just a scam. They advertise it as having a 10 year warranty, intentionally use ****ty adhesive, then have a stockpile of letters like this that they send whenever someone tries to RMA one.

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ok, i looked at two different original packages that came with my survivor 32gb and replacement drives and found nothing about a warranty what so ever. nothing on or inside the packaging about a warranty.


so i went to the corsair website and looked up the warranty.





thats what i found.




i noticed it says, label containing parts number, i assume this is for identification.


the serial number and identifying G32G are on the metal plug. the only thing the stickers say is flash survivor and size in gb, although mine looks like it says 52gb instead of 32gb :lol:


how they couldn't identify a survivor drive and the size*since its imprinted on the metal plug* is beyond me.


also most customers don't know the specifics of the warranty, since its not on or in the packaging, how would he of known that losing the stickers would void the warranty?

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look on the envelope the letter came in and check the date on the post mark.


post please.


I threw away the original envelope. The RMA request was for the 22nd though, and I don't think I even mailed it out until a week or two later. Whatever the case, there is no way that the RMA was processed before January.

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Do you have a copy of your invoice? If so please call them and I am sure they can work this out with you. 888-222-4346 Ext "3"

I don't. I have a copy of the RMA email, and I have a copy of my Amazon receipt.


I also just received the following email from someone who watches this forum:

Dear Aaron,




Thank you for contacting Corsair Memory.




We apologize for the inconvenience you encountered during your RMA with us. Per our policy we are not able to return in parts that are missing a label. We have gone ahead and created a replacement order to you and will be shipping this out to you as soon as possible.




Thank you for your patience.








Kimberly Olson


RMA Supervisor


Does that mean you are sending me a replacement at no charge? How do you know my address? Should I call?


Whatever the case, it's still quite ridiculous. You don't market a hardcore product and then refuse warranty service because of a missing label, especially when that label is just a brand sticker. As DevAdv pointed out, the serial is stamped on the USB head. And it's obvious that it's a Corsair product, as I've never seen anyone that makes anything like it.


Change your warranty policy. It's going to be hard for me to convince myself to buy another one, or to recommend it to someone else if I have to say, "Yeah it's a great USB stick, just make sure the sticker never falls or it technically voids the warranty."

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