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A couple of questions regarding TX750w


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A few days ago i got a new gtx 280 and decided to also get a TX750w UK version to feed it (nice reviews on both items) once i powered on my pc i noticed a high pitch noise, wasnt to loud at first but once i started playing crysis and certain other games that would use alot of power, the noise would get louder my pc is normaly rather silent so this is abit of an issue.


I have already looked into RMA'ing it and a few hours later i was given a RMA number from the link on the corsair site (very nice customer service imo)


Anyway the question is will RMA fix this issue? ive read on some forum other people have had similar problems with different psu's


And the other question is will the tests on the psu that are done once it is RMA'd give similar results to what i get at home (if that makes sense what i kinda mean is will you also use a gtx280 and install crysis ect)


Side note it is even louder if you run atitool and click on scan for artifacts.




Sorry if that didnt make to much sense :p:

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That issue has been noted before and most have solved it with the latest driver but some have swapped the Video card or PSU to solve it.

I would try the latest driver first and if that does not solve then we can sure try swapping the PSU.

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