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CM2X2048-6400C5DHX w/ Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe


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I am trying to pair two of these RAM kits with the Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe.


Let's call them A1, A2 and B1, B2.


The A pair was ordered about 2 weeks prior to the B pair.


A1 will work in any slot.

B1 will also work in any slot.


If A2 or B2 go into any slot, no POST. No combination of A1 + A2 or B1 + B2 will work.

A1 paired with B1 is the only way for me to get 4gb of RAM right now.

I am running A1 in slot 1 and B1 in slot 3, but would like to get all 8gb working.

A2 will not pair with B2.



I have tried turning the voltage up to 2.1V to no avail, but have not played with timings or other settings very much.


Initially I assumed A2 was a bad stick, but when I get the exact same results with another set, I suspect something else is wrong.


I am running windows xp x64, and my CPU is the Athlon 64 X2 6400+

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Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Shut the system down. Insert one stick in slot one (closest to the CPU) and boot to the Memtest CD. Run Memtest for two full passes. Shut the system down. Remove the first stick and insert it in slot three. Repeat memtest. Shut the system down. Remove the first stick and insert the second stick in slot one. Retest. Finally, insert a stick in slot one and slot three and repeat Memtest. If Stable enter Windows and post screenshots of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs.

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Tests completed as requested.


One thing concerns me is I did get 1 error in the last test, on the first pass, with both sticks in. It was in test #6.


I let the test run for 4 total passes, with no additional errors. When I initially built the system, I let each stick run in each slot for 1 pass, then ran my final configuration for 8 passes with no errors. This system will routinely have 3-4 weeks of uptime with no problems. I know the rule is a single error is unacceptable, but in the past I have had errors caused by legacy USB, which was enabled for the test. I will run another set of tests with it disabled to check for errors.


I attached the images anyways.




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As well, errors that repeat on both sticks when tested singly are almost always an indication of external issues. Your board many be undervolting and a bit of extra voltage to the DRAM and MCH can be useful. Also, keep in mind that when you populate all four DRAM slots, you are advised to drop the bandwidth. You are advised to drop the 800Mhz DRAM to 667Mhz.


The only memory Corsair supports in a four DRAM slot population is their Quad kits. This does not mean two dual kits or even worse two dual kits of different versions and models will not work together, just that you have no recourse to RMA Corsair if they do not work together. If there are problems with the DRAM modules, they are still supported via lifetime warranty, but that is for physical defects and errors in a two stick kit mode. Matched Quad sets are highly binned modules for a four slot population. The Dual sets are tested as a kit, not a Quad and warranted as a dual kit, not a Quad setup. You need to Memtest them as Kits (2 modules, not as a four DRAM slot population). If they fail as a kit or singly, then you have RMA. Keep in mind that there is no support for mixing and matching different versions of DRAM either since different version are of different fabrications and/or manufacturers. They might work, they might not work, but you have no support if they do not work. Thus you are advised to buy all the DRAM at the same time and in this way be more assured of getting the same versions. If you buy online, be sure to specify same versions of the modules and do not expect even then that they will work and again, no support unless you purchase a quad kit.


For a four DRAM slot population of 800Mhz DRAM you are advised to drop the bandwidth to 667Mhz and raise the NB Voltage +.2v.


Please research this thread:




There is a limitation of the On Motherboard (Intel) memory controller or On CPU (AMD) and a population of all four banks at the full speed of a two bank run. This limitation is across the board with both AMD and Intel chipset based boards, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3.


Keep in mind that often issues can arise in the longer term even though you have shorter term stability. The issues seldom damage the DRAM unless you raise the DRAM voltage too high. They damage the on CPU (AMD) memory controller which has a harder time keeping up with the demands of a four DRAM slot population being run as fast as a two DRAM slot population.


You can try to use them all though with a drop in bandwidth from 800Mhz --> 667Mhz and a raise of the memory controller's voltage +.2v though.


Memtest the sticks singly at 6400 and then in the kits that they are created for.

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At this point I would settle to get one kit working properly. Based on the symptoms so far, I need to get one kit working, then work on getting all 4 sticks to work. I only have 4x2gb sticks. The problem isn't really about getting all 4 sticks to work. (even though that's kind of the endgame, but I know I can't get support for that) I can't sell either of the kits, because I can't run a kit. The only 2 sticks that will work at all are in separate kits.


I memtested the 2 working sticks (A1 and B1), but still cannot post with A2 or B2.

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  • Corsair Employees
It would be extraordinarily odd for you to get 2 bad kits like this. I would suspect some issue other than the memory in this case. Do you have access to another machine via a friend or a shop that could help you test the CPU and memory in another board or system?
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I don't really have another setup to test this CPU and ram combination.


I talked to the one shop I know of, they will test the RAM but not the CPU, and they charge almost the price of a new CPU or RAM.


I could test another CPU unit if that would help, but I would need a week to get it. It's in a machine that I built for someone else, but uses DDR ram.


I would agree with you that it is something else in the system, the only times I have ever had problems with corsair, even the value series, was due to some other system component. I suspected the RAM, and it ended up being something else. I was hoping it would come down to a Bios setting.

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Yes. Ive been running on 2 sticks (1 from each kit) for about 3 months. And yes, those two sticks will work in any combination. But as soon as you use sticks from the same kit, no post, no errors, the fans just kick on and nothing happens.


I started out by ordering one kit. When the system wouldn't post with one of the sticks in, I assumed bad RAM, ordered another kit, so I wouldnt have downtime while RMA'ing the first kit. When the second kit had the same symptoms, I assumed some settings were off. I hadn't had time until now to really dig into the cause of the problem.


Thanks very much for the prompt replies.

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  • Corsair Employees

No problem, we're here to help. Just to be thorough, please try this. Sorry if this is redundant.


Remove all modules but 1 and place it in the 0 slot, closest to the CPU.


Clear your BIOS, reset to defaults, then manually enter the tested memory timings and voltage for these kits.


Test each individual module for 3-5 passes each using Memtest.



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