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New Corsair Voyager 8GB - ChkFlsh 1 Error


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Hello all,


I've just bought a new Corsair Voyager 8GB. Went home and used ChkFlsh (Check Flash) to test its performance. I got around 8.7 MB/sec write and 25 MB/sec read.


My problem is that there is a "yellow" (error) block somewhere in the middle of the flash drive which cannot be read or written by ChkFlsh. I've tried Windows Check Disk utility and reports no problems.


Any thoughts? Is that there a defect/problem with my flash drive? Should I get it replaced? I've only used it for a couple of minutes!


P.S.: I've also used HDBench with good speed results.


*** UPDATE ***


I've finished a read/write test using "Flash Drive Tester v1.12" and it reports no errors! I guess ChkFlsh is not that trust-worthy after all.


What testing software do you use?

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