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Timing / Settings for XMS3 6GB TR3X6G1600C9 on EVGA X58?


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Well, I am going a little nuts- just spent last hour searching through both Corsair & EVGA forums, trying to find the correct BIOS memory settings for 6GB (3x2 GB TR3X6G1600C9) in the EVGA X58 motherboard. Can someone point me to a link?


I have everything set to auto right now, it is working, but I don't think I have it optimized. Not doing any overclocking (yet), just running at default 133x20 on the i7-920 with stock Intel heatsink/fan. Bought a Coolermaster V8 today & going to install it next week- first want to get the basic RAM settings tweaked out.


(BTW, I am not really a noob despite this being a first post- just have no idea what happened to my old login, it's been 3+ years since I posted here- last time I built a new system!)

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Everything as far as memory timings should be in this link:




Set memory voltage to 1.65V

Set memory multiplier to 12x (assuming you keep bclock at 133)

you should be good to go.


thanks for the reply- never even crossed my mind to look at the datasheet. :eek:


Someone else on the EVGA forum just suggested manually setting the timing as follows:


tCL Setting 9

tRCD Setting 9

tRP Setting 9

tRAS Setting 24

tRFC Setting 74

Command Rate 1T (2T if unstable at 1T)

(all rest left at auto/default)


I have it at those settings now, testing stability.

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