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Tw3x2g1600c9dhx @ 1066?


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The Ram is reconized as DDR3 1066MHz:confused: in the bios of my EVGA 790i Ultra SLI:p: but will overclock to 2000MHz:D: with so much ease..my question is, is this because of my Intel Q6600's FSB being 1066 and the bios is setting the ram to the FSB of the processor?:confused:Any help/ideas/theorys are accepted thank you.
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For your research:



Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->

Download CPU-z from

FEnter your BIOS. Load setup defaults, save setup defaults and set to these values:


Extreme Tweaker

CPU Level Up = Disabled
Memory Level Up = Disabled 

AI Overclock Tuner = Manual
CPU Multiplier = 8
FSB - Memory Clock Mode = Unlinked
FSB (QDR) = 1600 (400)
MEM (DDR) = 1600 (800)
LDT Frequency = 5X
PCIE BUS, Slot 1 & 2, Mhz = 100
PCIE BUS, Slot 3, Mhz = 100
SPP <--> Ref Clock, Mhz = 200

Memory Timing Section

tCL (CAS Latency) = 9
tRCD = 9
tRP = 9
tRAS = 24
Command Per Clock = 2T

Advanced Memory Settings

tRRD = Auto
tRC = Auto
tWR = Auto
tWTR = Auto
tFAW = Auto
tREF = Auto

Over Voltage = All Set to Auto

CPU Configuration

CPU Internal Thermal Control = Auto
Lmit CPUID MaxVal = Disabled
Execute Disable Bit = Enabled
Virtualization Technology = Enabled
Enhanced Intel Speedstep(tm) Tech = Disabled

CPU Core 2 = Enabled
CPU Core 3 = Enabled
CPU Core 4 = Enabled

[b]System Voltages[/b]

CPU Core = 1.35v
CPU FSB = Auto 
Memory = 1.80v
nForce SPP = Auto	
nForce MCP = 1.55	
HT nForce SPP <-> MCP = Auto


Run Memtest for two full passes. When assured of stable DRAM, then enter Windows and run CPU-z. Please post screenshots of the CPU-z CPU, Memory and SPD tabs. This will give you a 3.2Ghz speed at 1600Mhz DRAM and should work quite well. You have a G0 Revision Q6600?

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I did change the settings manualy to 1600mhz at 9-9-9-24 at 1.8v and then overclock to 2000mhz at 2.0v with no problems at all. I was just wanting to know if it was supposed to be reconized as 1066mhz. but i found my answer shortly after posting on the site. The corsair site said it was flashed at 1066mhz but meant to run at 1600mhz+ when pair with another stick of the same type. Go figure. Yes i do have a Q6600 GO overclocked at 3.6ghz at 1.66v on a Evga 790i Ultra SLI board with a x9 mulitplier but decided wasnt enough for me so i went with a multiplier of x8 and with 1800FSB to give me the 3.6ghz at 1.71v. :D: also dont say the voltage is to high cause i lucked up and got the VID 1.3250 revision GO so the volts will be higher for me than others. it took me hours and hours of research on google to find out the information then i called intel themselves and waited on the phone for 30+mins and they said that when overclock it will take more volts than stock (well duh) lol and that since the VID is 1.3250v that yes i will run hotter and require more volts than most Q6600 being overclocked...i was at 47c in windows on air cooling and when i decided to go with the new Cool-It systems Eliminator the screw hole between the northbridge and ram slot one shorted out for some reason..the on thing i can think of is since it was the first time i have never used the fiber washers on the screw hole on both side of the board it grounded out and that is somewhat how it burned up the board.:(: but i have the Q6600 back in my Abit IN9 32x Max Wifi board at 3.0Ghz with the elminator on low setting and it is running at 26c-32c idle within windows xp until i get my 790i repaired and when put on high setting will go down to 16c FREAKIN AWSOME!
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I'm a bit confused here. Clearly you know what you are doing and you are fine with high overvolts so what are you really asking here? Your question regarding default boot up is very elementary but your response is not so I wonder at why you asked the question in the first place?
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hmm lets try the question in this form lol..Is the DDR3 Corsair 1600mhz ram supposed to be reconized as DDR3 1066mhz...i later found the answer to my question on corsair website. the answer is yes. the ramsticks are flashed as 1066mhz at 7-7-7-24 i think. but if u put another 1GB mondule with the other module it will run at 1600mhz no problem according to corsair.


The only reason i ask the question was because i did not know if the sticks got mixed up during the labeling process or not. i thought since it was 1600mhz ram it was going to be flashed as 1600mhz instead of 1066mhz. well nvrm the website now says it was programmed at 1333mhz as i was looking for the proof to show u. this link http://www.corsair.com/_datasheets/TW3X2G1600C9DHX.pdf

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hmm lets try the question in this form lol..Is the DDR3 Corsair 1600mhz ram supposed to be reconized as DDR3 1066mhz.


LOL - OK, you just seemed pretty far advanced setting a 2000Mhz DRAM speed on a 790i with a 1066FSB processor. It takes a fair bit of tweaking and even then there's a bit of luck involved.


My 1600Mhz and 1866Mhz is recognized on boot up as 1333Mhz on my Core 2 machine and 1866Mhz is recognized on boot up as 1066Mhz on my i7 machine. JEDEC SPD or not, it is the boot up of the plug and play enumeration of the BIOS that will set the initial DRAM values.


The voltage is never too high when one is either advanced enough to know what they are doing or foolhardy/wealthy enough not to care :biggrin:

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nah im not wealthy or anything ...I have 2GB of DDR3 1600 will overclock past 2000mhz :D:at 2.0v but not much higher i think its 2050:confused: or so but i keep it at 2000mhz. 2.0v on the ram is in Green text on the 790i ultra sli board which means a safe voltage anything there after is considered dangerous voltage which is RED text Gray Text is considered undervoltages. now as far as i can see on google and stuff if you have more than 2Gb of RAM then reaching 2000mhz speed will be difficult. we will see in the near future lol. oh and i keep my processor running at 1800FSB which is 450FSB x8 at 1.71volts. it is stable at 1.70volts but went with 1.71volts for extra percaution:p: its very bad on the components if the computer is being stressed and then comes to a complete hault. As the cpu voltage is rated as safe up to 1.50volts anything after is considered dangerous. if i can find my screen shots i will show u on here if possible. but if not i will keep in touch with you guy(s) and send the pictures to you or you both when the RMA process has completed and retake screen shots of CPU-Z and any programs that u recomened me run for proof :P
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lol i dont know where you got your information about 2.0v is maximum voltage. It is not maximum votage you can never have enough volts. but i think you are seening it as the motherboard does which is incorrect on your part. The bios tells you what is a SAFE! voltage for any DDR3 RAM not just what i have. it is preset in the bios and cannot be changed except threw via bios update/manufacturer. as far as overclocking it will not void my warrenty as the RAM is speciafaly MADE for overclocking by the manufacturer from 1066/1333 to 1600mhz which is what the RAM is being sold as (1600 DDR3 RAM). and is covered under the maunfaturer warrenty upto 1601mhz give or take what the board reads it as. NOT FOR LIFE OF THE RAM but only for as many DAYS, MONTHS, YEAR(S) it is good for. No overclocking to 2000mhz is not recommened but is the same as the 2000mhz ram that they sell you. All ram is the same speed of 1066and/or1333 but is made to run at 1066/1200/1333/1600/1800/1866/2000 its all the same. but since i have muine at 2000mhz you are correct it would not be covered under the manufacturers warrenty. after that then if you fry the ram by overclocking you are in my terms SCREWED...so if your trying to think that you are somewhat more qualified then me the go for it and do some research I DID. but i have also A+HardWare/Software certified so ya. i have been threw it all more than once do research and if you can correct me then i will be willing to take the defeat! thank you
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  • Corsair Employees
Frequency does not void a warranty as frequency in and of itself cannot damage an IC. Exceeding the tested voltage for a given set of memory does in fact void the warranty and it can damage the memory. However, due to the variances of voltage regulation on MOBOs we do suggest a tolerance and DerekT is correct here. It is not advised to exceed 2.0v on this memory kit.
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Testing parameters for TWIN3X/XMS3-1600C9DHX (IN):

TW3X2G1600C9DHX Data Sheet


Motherboard make and model: ASUS P5K3, P5E3 Premium/Deluxe !

Each pair is tested and packaged together using the following settings:


Jumper Free

AI Overclock: Manual

CPU Control: AUTO

FSB Frequency: 400 MHz

PCIE Frequency: AUTO

DRAM Frequency: DDR3-1333 MHz

DRAM Timings Control: Manual

CAS# Latency:___________9

RAS# to CAS# Delay:______9

RAS# Precharge:__________9

RAS# Activate to Precharge:24

DRAM Static Read Control: Disabled

DRAM Dynamic Write Control: Disabled

CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled

CPU Voltage:__________1.4500V

CPU PLL Voltage:_______1.6V

DRAM Voltage:_________1.6V

FSB Termination Voltage:_1.3V

North Bridge Voltage:____1.55V

All settings not listed should be left at AUTO or BIOS Default

Maximum DDR3 recommended VDIMM: 2.00 Volts

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I will gladly take the defeat. but as to take into consideration i never go over 2.00v as it is the highest safest voltage recommened by the BIOS itself i push board and cpu to max but ram i push only to the limit of the safe voltage of the BIOS. and then back down to stable clock while trying to stay with a even overclock within 50mhz ranges. but as for overvoltaging from what i have read some DDR3 memory when overvolted past 2.00v it will stop working until bios is reset. but anyways this will be last reply i think nice talkin to you people and thanks for the learning curve of the 2volts :D:
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