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System wont boot with my new TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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Hi there , im having some trouble since i get my new ram modules its a corsair dominator pc2-8500 c5 (cm2x2048-8500c5d / xms2-8500) 2 modules with 2 gig on each one on a asus m3n-ht deluxe/mempipe with a phenom 2 940(that i install today) , when i stick the ram modules on the mobo the system wont boot i cheack bios and all its in auto there , after i try to set it manualy 5-5-5-15 , 1066mhz voltage 2.1 , also try 5-5-5-18 , 800mhz voltage 2.1 but no luck system never boots up, then i stick some other ram module i have from samsung ddr2-800 and all is fine( wich are the ones im using right now...) , i guess the ram is fine cause its hard to get two faulty modules at the same time in the same package i think , i wish i could run memtest on then but cant cause system dont even boot , im trying to get some help b4 i send them to rma just to be sure so i would much apreciatte some help on this , thx and btw sry for my english im from portugal so i only speak a bit :)
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