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TX650W dead?


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I assembled a new computer the past weekend and the TX650W PSU has been giving me some headaches.


when i first assembled the computer the Power supply would not start. no energy flow into the system was present whatsoever.I checked every connection on the computer with special attention to the power cables and the the jumper that control the power button on my case. the PSU seemed completely dead.


then a strange thing happened. I put my old computer working on top of the new one in order to try and see if the case was the problem. the old computer was powered on and i started to feel a lot of static electricity on the case. Then the new computer suddenly started to work. it boot into windows normally and worked without any kind of malfunction (noise, system instability, etc..) till today morning. I pressed the power button, dead...


Absolutely no change was made in any connection since yesterday, when it functioned without any problem.


Today i tested the brief PSU functionality test as described on the forum and... dead. I also notice that when i am changing the power button on the PSU from 0 to I a small noise occurs, exactly when the button is in the middle of 0 and I. it's only audible in the transition of the button, if i manually maintain the button in a half position the noise lasts a little longer. It seems like a small electric noise, similar to what old microwaves did when you putted a metal object inside. however no light or visible electric discharge is produced.


Any ideas? It seems dead...

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Tech Support Express Case [834804] - RMA Request Received


Your RMA request was received on 1/28/2009 10:54:30 AM.


We will review this request as soon as possible, and respond to you with an RMA number or further suggestions/requests.


I don't have a rma number yet. I just have the automatic email response from the customer service.

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