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DDR3 1333 MHz computer crashes


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I have bought 2 x Corsair XMS3dhx 1333 MHz 2 gb



Now the problem is that when i put these in my computer he first like to run normally but he crashes when i play games or do other things that need much ram. So i tried to install vista again and hope that solves te problem but it make it worse. Vista doesnt install at all when he says starting for the first time he crashes. So now i have my old memory installed again. i updated my bios but that make no sence at all.

How can i solve this problem?



I have a

gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherbord

Q6600 @ 2,4 Ghz quad core cpu

nvidia 8800 gtx

600 watt power source

2 hard disks in raid 0

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