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Are my 2x2GB PC2-8500 sticks faulty?

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After installing a new motherboard and these new RAM sticks, I booted the computer and everything went fine. Recently, I have been getting stop errors in some games and most importantly, display driver crashing issues every time I played a game. Memory was the last place I was going to look but after doing every software solution out there, people gave hints that faulty RAM could have some issues with video cards as they take from shared memory. I ran Memtest86+ and 35 minutes in on the first pass, I counted 105 errors in numerous sections of the RAM on Test #7. This was ridiculous as one or two errors alone were threatening but 105?


I run these sticks at 5-5-5-15-2T at 2.1V as it should be. I tried changing them around to 1.9V and 2.2V with slower timings but no dice. Unlike my previous sticks, these ones run on the third and fourth slots as the water block hoses from my CPU block the very tall heat spreaders when inserted in the first slot.


So tell me, should I send these in or is there some easy fix out there?

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