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HX620 fan "wobbles" - replace fan or RMA unit?


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I've had my HX620 for just over two years now, and it's always had an annoying characteristic to its fan. It's not turbulence, nor is it grinding or clicking. It sounds as if the fan is wobbling ever so slightly on its hub or something. The noise was quieter than other parts in my system for a long while but now that I've taken steps to silence my computer, it's by far the loudest thing in my case. It's starting to drive me nuts.


I am not sure I feel a bad fan justifies a complete RMA, especially since I live in Canada. It would likely be cheaper for me to replace the fan myself.


However, the fan controller in the PSU is likely tuned to the original fan, which would mean I need to pick a replacement with similar flow characteristics. Could anyone please describe the RPM and current draw of the stock fan at 12V? Is there anything else important I must know before replacing the fan?

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