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Rubber Jacket Came Off 8GB Voyager!


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Has anyone else had the rubber jacket slip completely off the drive while pulling it out of a USB slot? Mine just did exactly that last night and it has not been abused in any way. Never wet, dropped or beat up on etc. It is fairly new as well. Is this covered under warranty (I would assume so)? The drive still works but I'd advise folks to be careful with their "indestructible" flash drives. :sigh!:
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Rather than make a new one, I thought I'd dig this thread up.


My Voyager GT 4GB has done exactly what happened to this bloke's - the rubber outside just came straight off. It's not a nearly-new one, but it's not been damp or dusty. Just carted around in my coat/trouser pocket.


If you can't RMA it for me, any suggested fixes? I'm sure there'll be some kind of glue I can fix it back in there with. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! :D



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