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Is it possible to get my faulty RAM replaced in India itself?


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I probably have a faulty dimm amongst my set of TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX which i bought recently from amazon in USA. i have already consulted Tech Support Express (Case #824047) and it advised me to request RMA.

But as i am using the rams in India now, is it possible that instead of sending my rams to Californa i get them replaced in india itself from Corsair India in order to save time (also save money and Customs hassles of india). I found on this forum itself that corsair has some official support presence at bangalore, india and cochin, india. or should i contact them directly at indiaservice@corsair.com or indiaservice@corsairmemory.com or on toll free number 1800-425-54-64

I am not quite willing to take the hassles of sending the RAMs to California.

Thank You


PS: I have attached my mail to TSX as text attachment in this post.

Corsair TSX.txt

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