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quad2x4096-8500c5d problem


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Hi i can not get quad2x4096-8500c5d 4x1gb Kit to run at 1066 on Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 and Striker 2 Formula does not post at all with all 4 moduls. I have been reading some forums and people recommend to exchange it for 2x2gb modules.


Is this really possible to do?


Thank you.

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  • Corsair Employees

The reason you cant get them to work is the MB and CPU you have will not support 4 up at DDr1066, you would have to be running a Phenom CPU with AMD platform and even then AMD suggests DDR667 or DDR800 with 4 modules.

Have you tested the modules oen at a time to make sure one is not failing?

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