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VX450 + P6T Deluxe = No Dice


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Alright folks.


Totally clean board, nothing on it. ASUS P6T DELUXE.


Have a crappy 450w that came with my case. It has a 20-pin and I adapted it to 24-pin. Plug it in, the onboard switches have a steady LED, I press power and the board powers on.


Have a beautiful VX450w from Corsair. It has a 24-pin. I plug it into the board, the onboard switches FLASH repeatedly, I press power and get NOTHING.


Of course I tried this with my CPU, RAM, etc. on and same effects.


Unfortunately my crappy 450w doesn't have a 6-pin PCI-E, so I NEED my Corsair to work.


By the way, my Corsair PSU DOES work with a different board... my multimeter also shows that nothing is wrong with my Corsair PSU.


Something I noticed, the 24-pin on the Corsair has one missing pin. In the ASUS manual, this pin corresponds to a "Ground" pin. I thought that was odd, as I was under the impression it should be the -12v that was missing.


ASUS Tech support was useless- their customer service was absolute garbage, and their techs were just horribly rude people.



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