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Corsair 750w giving me voltage fluctuations?


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I've been having a problem with jumping voltages for a while now, I started to notice them in november(-08). I first thought maybe it was the motherboard failing, but after a while my computer would start restarting by itself and sometimes it wouldnt even get past the first boot screen.


So I took out my 750w corsair and put in my 520w (HX), no problems, no voltage fluctuations or restarts. I sent my 750w back to the shop I bought it from, took them almost 2 weeks to send me a new one (under this time, I had no problems, my voltages didnt jump at all).


Now I put in the new 750w, first I see the Northbridge voltage jumping between 1.46-1.47 (normal I guess), didnt mind. Now after a weeks use, my voltage fluctuations are back, checkin the monitor in BIOS I get the following readings: ("-->" indicating jumping interval)


CPU PPL: 1.50 --> 1.63. (@1.60v in bios)

NB : 1.39 --> 1.47 (can also be seen in windows), (@1.47v in bios)

SB : 0.99 --->1.07 (can also be seen in windows),(@1.07v in bios)

DRAM : 2.09 --->2.13 (@2.1 in bios)


edit 1.


When the computer has been off for a longer period (10min to hours, PSU turned off via back switch), it gives me those jumpy readings. If I now turn the computer off, and then the PSU via the back switch and then turn on again (directly) the jumpy readings are there no more.... (been checking the voltage readings from bios).


edit 2.


Seems I have to have it on for few mins before I turn it off and on again for correct voltage readings.


appreciate any insight.

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Is there any fluctuation of the voltage on the 12v, 3.3v or 5v rails in the BIOS? BIOS and software readings can be fairly inaccurate when it comes to reading temperatures and voltages, the only way to know for sure what the readings are, would be to use a multimeter. I would suspect that if you are having the same issues with two different TX750s then there may be some other problem, are you able to test the TX750 in a different system?
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well I think it was the 3.3V which jumped between 3.16/.18v but that seems normal?


Im gonna try it out on a other computer, but it just seems weird when the 520W (also corsair) worked just fine and my 750w didnt. (the sensor readings werent jumping at all)

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