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TX850W Design Flaw???


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Just bought a brand new TX850W and before installing it I noticed that right under the main fan there is a plastic foil blocking HALF the fan area and covering half of the heat sinks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even though it seems to be made for it and screwed in right under the fan, it just doesn't seem to be 100% legit, something someone left by mistake from the assembly process.......


Now, I am no expert but why would any enginner design a high airflow case, install a 120 mm fan and then purposely block off half its area - my old PSU is a corsair TX620W with identical design encasing but surprise surprise - no blocking plastic


Has anybody else noticed this, can anybody who owns it see if they have same thing


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I got the corsair TX750 and have the same thing.


Apparenty its a air director.





I dont know if this is also with the Corsair TX850, but does your PSU blow air into the case, and not exhaust it?


Cause my TX750 blows air in, and I dont know what to do...


Will my PSU get damaged?

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