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Flash Voyager 512MB gone bad


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I have a Corsair Flash Voyager 512MB part nr CMFUSB2.0-512 bought sometime in 2005 (I don't think I have the receipt anymore, but I'll try to look for it just in case). Don't laugh at the size, but I had it as an emergency boot drive with various utilities to ressurect dead systems and recover data and it was just perfect. Today out of the blue it started malfunctioning. Windows recognized it sometimes as "Unknown device" and sometimes as "Generic USB hub" with Code 10 "This device cannot start". Tried it on 3 other computers all running xp and no go, same behavior. I'm suspecting it died on me.

Any chance for it being covered by warranty? (I know on the package it said something like 10 years warranty).

Oh and btw I'm in Italy for the time being (been dispatched here by the company I'm working for, so I kinda live here for now) so just in case it's covered do I have to wait till I get back to US later this year or is there a possibility to solve this locally?


Thank you

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