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Regarding my previous BSOD w/ different ram


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I know this is a long post, but please please please read :)


Ok, so this is in regards to my previous problem:



I have switched my previous 2x1GB Corsair 800mhz rated at 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v to 2x1GB "another brand" 800mhz rated 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1-2.2v


Now I have a few questions.


Does memtest is not supose to start when you set SATA RAID/AHCI Mode to AHCI? Basically what I just discovered is that the "another brand" also did not start memtest, it hang at "loading..............."


Now when I switched SATA RAID/AHCI Mode from AHCI to Disabled in BIOS, memtest did started!!! :wanker:


Next point: Windows will not boot when in BIOS SATA RAID/AHCI Mode is Disabled. I receive a 0x0000007B BSOD.



(Click to consult the online MSDN article.)

Windows lost access to the system parti.tion or boot volume during the startup process. Typical causes: Installing incorrect device drivers when installing or upgrading storage adapter hardware, or a virus.


Is this because I have installed Windows XP with SATA drivers when SATA RAID/AHCI Mode in BIOS was set to AHCI?


Conclusion is that I am now in windows and did not received any kind of problems, Everest reports the DIMM at 2.13v. BIOS DDR2 is set again to +0.3v, everything else Normal. In the link I gave at the beginning of this post I wrote (in the other thread) how I received a series of BSOD and errors when I set BIOS DDR2 to 0.3v with my Corsair memory.


At the moment I no longer have my Corsair until tomorrow (I have exchanged the ram with a friend at school, so he can still use his computer until tomorrow). I will set SATA RAID/AHCI Mode to Disabled so I can run memtest on the Corsair and see if there are any errors, and maybe why when I set it to 0.3v in BIOS I received all those errors IF memtest reports anything.


Now question time:

Do you have any suggestions what else to do in my situation?

Does memtest is not supose to run when SATA RAID/AHCI Mode in BIOS is set to AHCI but it runs in Disabled mode?

Can your computer run memtest when SATA RAID/AHCI Mode is set to AHCI?

Is Windows XP Pro 32bit not suppose to start if I have the SATA RAID/AHCI Mode in BIOS set to Disabled and receive the 0x0000007B BSOD if Win XP has been installed when SATA RAID/AHCI Mode in BIOS was set to AHCI and Win XP installation included the SATA drivers (I used nLite to include them)

If I manage to set my Corsair to 0.3v in BIOS or if I RMA and receive another ram that runs at 0.3v is there any stress test I can run for errors or BSOD? Something like Intel Burn but for RAM. I mean I guess I could always try games with time.


And most importantly. This "another brand" is rated at 2.1-2.2v. When I set BIOS DDR2 at 0.3v Everest reports 2.13v for DIMM. Do you think that by setting 0.3v in BIOS when I will have my Corsair, that extra .03 volts can screw with the ram since the Corsair is only rated 2.1v? Or the RAM is just bad?



Thank you for taking your time to read.


P.S. SATA Port0-3 Native Mode was always Enabled during my tests.

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Much too much to read. Please do not do this as you will not get responses.


Memtest is the test for memory stability. Set to IDE when you boot to the Memtest CD and ACHI when the memtest is over if you are using AHCI normally. The .03 is no problem.

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