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Is my HX-1000 D.O.A.?


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I received parts for my long awaited new machine today, and was unable to get the system to POST in barebones. Scenario as follows:


All chassis and CPU fans are plugged into mobo, as is the 24-pin ATX and 8-pin CPU power cables.


When I plug in the system, the hardwired motherboard power and reset buttons light up, suggesting the motherboard has power. However, when I actually try to power the machine on it briefly surges to life -- fans spin once or twice, and various LEDs light up -- and then it powers down again.


I've tried removing memory modules, and reseating the power cables, but got the same result over and over -- brief surge of life and then power down.


What do you all think -- does this sound like the symptoms of a dead PSU?

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