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Need help with memory and P5QL-CM


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You need to overclock to reach 1066Mhz on the DRAM for that motherboard. Please enter Here and document your hardware components. As well, please create a template of your BIOS settings. Use this template and add any additional settings your board has and delete any it does not have.


JumperFree Configuration Settings

Ai Overclocking = 
CPU Ratio = 
Ratio CMOS Setting = 
FSB Frequency = 
PCI-E Frequency = 
DRAM Frequency = 
DRAM Timing Control = 
CAS = 
RAS# to CAS# = 
RAS to Precharge =
RAS Active Time = 
DRAM Static Read Control = 
DRAM Dynamic Write Control = 
Transaction Booster = 
CPU Spread Spectrum = 
PCIE Spread Spectrum = 
CPU Voltage = 
CPU Voltage Reference = 
CPU Voltage Damper =
DRAM Voltage = 
FSB Termination Voltage = 
North Bridge Voltage = 

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I am well aware that I have to OC the memory. Beyond that I know nothing about the new BIOS interface these motherboards use now. This is part of a new build I am doing and I have no idea what to do in the BIOS since the manual is rather useless. Where do I even go to get all that information in the BIOS?
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I already know of those 2. However I don't think this motherboard supports 1066(OC) like ASUS says since there is only 667/800/1K/1111. I think alot of the information ASUS has is incorrect since from what I am reading there SHOULD be a 533 option.


Edit: Now that I think about it this mobo supports ONLY memory not by the X2 format that I keep seeing but by a full format. Which would make sense as to why I didn't see 533 in the BIOS. If this is the case then ASUS must of tested memory at 1066 with a beta BIOS that has not been released yet.

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