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Flash Voyager 8GB went wacky and now it won't partition correctly!


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This drive is used frequently and works great, but last night when I plugged it into an ubuntu computer, I noticed that the file names had strange characters for the name and nothing was readable; very similar to this thread: http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=62742


I tried formatting the drive, but got an error. I put the drive in my Windows XP machine and it formatted, but the next time it was mounted, it said it needed to be formatted. After running it in a couple of windows machines with the same result, I put it in my MacPro and ran Disk Utility. No matter how many times I try to recreate the partition table, it's only showing as 3.7 gigs. Occasionally, if I keep trying to erase it, it will show a second 3.6 gig partition, but i'm never able to combine them. No matter what's written to it, it usually disappears the next time I try to mount it.


I've also tried the win98 fdisk suggestion in the previously linked thread with no success; I just see a single 3.7 gig partition.


I also downloaded and installed the SDFormatter utility per another thread with no luck.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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