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Random Freezes


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hello there, i'm facing some weird situation with my TWIN2X4096-6400C5 on Biostar TP43HP ver 5.1 Motherbard, i'll try to explain as detail as possible.


I've downloaded and installed all the latest BIOS and drivers of Biostar TP43HP v5.1 from the official website. However, i experienced a random Freeze whenever i use 2 pieces of CM2X2048-6400C5 together(total 4GB). My computer stop responding/freeze (mouse pointer not responding at all) without prompting any blue screen and did not auto rebootunless i manually reset my AC power. i look into the Event Viewer from Window's Computer Management ,but i cant find any clue related to the cause of the system crash which i was experiencing. I was able to go through the POST and successfully log in to Windows but i cant describe the exact condition before the "freeze" happened because it often strike without any symptoms.


However, My PC works fine if i only use 1 piece of CM2X2048-6400C5 (Total 2GB)


I've checked both of my CM2X2048-6400C5 using Memtest software and it returned 0 error(s). unfortunately i was unable to finish the test using 2 pieces of CM2X2048-6400C5 at the same time because my PC freeze during the middle of the test (No error discovered before the "freeze").

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Please list all of your BIOS settings you have made for voltages, RAM, and CPU.


Also, did you purchase this memory together as a TwinX kit?


i did not change any setting in BIOS, everything is in default setting.


nope, i bought them separately.

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