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TX750w is dead?


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I purchased a TX750w from newegg early this month to replace a power supply that wasn't meeting my needs. All was great that I could tell with the power supply until afternoon yesterday, when I shut the computer down and turned it back on after a minute.


When I hit the power button, the computer started up for all of 1 second before shutting back down. Various attempts were made to turn it back on (various power cables, physically unplugging the power supply from the outlet, reseating the cables, turning the power supply off for a few minutes and attempting again). The outlet and stuff is good (otherwise I wouldn't be typing from this location). All other items that were plugged into outlet are working fine and have been for a very long time.


I tried the functionality test as described on the forums using a fan. Nothing happened. No blips, no noise, no fan movement.


Checked the power supply with a voltage reader also. It was showing nothing.


I would have exchanged it with newegg but I submitted for the rebate they had for the power supply. They refuse to take it back because I do not have the UPC. I still have the serial number for the box. newegg suggested I contact directly for support on the power supply.


Am I just screwed on getting this thing replaced because of the rebate? Had I known the power supply was going to die within 2 weeks I would have not submitted for the rebate. Nor did the rebate say anything about not being able to exchange a defective product, just that I would not be able return it for a refund.



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