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1000 HX Squeeling under load


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Alright I bought this 1000HX from a trusted member on overclock.net. I got a GTX 280 the same day I got the power supply, so i was more than excited for the upgrades (Coming from a rosewill 600w, and a g92 GTS), and keep in mind ive had a 620HX before, so I believe behind corsairs quality.


Anyway, under any graphical load (Games, ATI Tool testing, etc) I hear a VERY noticable squeeling sound, you can even play music and still hear the squeeling over it, it isnt a crazy loud sound or i'd be more than concerned, but plenty audible for sure, sounds like a lower ton'ed 56k dial up modem going to work almost... So I thought it was the 280 making the squeeling sound like others have reported, wrong. My motherboard is due back from RMA tomorrow so I took my stuff out of the case and set it up for open bench to test the mobo when it comes in tomorrow. Was playing call of duty WAW and noticed teh squeeling, so i figured id pinpoint it. Its INDEED the PSU no questions asked, its a good bit away on the table from the rest of the hardware so im 120% sure its the power supply making the squeeling sound.


The GTX 280 requires a 6 pin and 8 pin power, ive been using the two 6+2pin PCI-E connectors in the main bundle for the video card, not the modular ones. I figured ok well lets try 2 modular PCI-E connectors to see if that stops the squeeling and take the load off the main part, wrong it still does it i've tryed both and they sound the same.



Also when im playing games and the squeelings going on, ill hit a lag spot in my games, and when it hits the small stutter, the squeeling pauses for a second then returns, so this makes me think its the PSU thats been causing random spikes in my games, and also random crashes.


Would the squeeling pause along with a lag spike in game indicate the PSU problem? Or load being took off the PSU for a second due to the lag being caused elsewhere? Either way..



Is this sound normal in ANY way? Im making a video right now of the sound hopefully it will be audible.



Thanks in advance. I love corsair products so im not to mad about it, but this is the 3rd thing ive bought in the past month thats had problems.

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I would try disabling the power saving features for your CPU in the BIOS (intel speedstep, C1E, etc.) and see if you stil have the same results. One other thing to try is to force Vsync "on" in your games, or via the video driver to see if the noise goes away. If either of these things makes the sound disappear then I would not be confident that a replacement PSU would resolve the problems. However if you still have problems with the PSU, then we can certainly try to replace it for you.


You can use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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ive seen to much with the GTX200 series GPU's and squeeling power supplies to make me think its the power supply though. I bought it used from a good reliable dude who had no problems with it on a 4870X2 so im prolly gonna pass the RMA up. I noticed it doesnt have the lag spikes in single player games so its probably a connectivity issue with multiplayer games, vsync doesnt take away the problem nor does speedstep/c1e etc disabled (Theyve always been disabled)
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