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Linux: Voyager 16GB not recognized


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os is openSuse 11.0 Linux (and 11.1 on laptop)

kernel is:

laptop kernel:


In Webmin, for this drive, I show:

Status of drive /dev/sdf

Location SCSI device F

Drive size 15.06 GB

Make and model Corsair Flash Voyager

Supports SMART? No

SMART enabled? No


I have same problem desktop and laptop, and just bought a pair of these babies today!


I've still got still receipts, so at least returning one won't be a problem (package not opened). On the other, the packaging is still all intact, but with 'adult proof' packaging, one must snip the heck outa it, unfortunately...


I read thru entire thread of above title, only to learn Ray Gum closed it... But it's NOT a closed issue, pardon me!!! I do NOT see fix for this problem.


I'm not going to play games with an echo command so I can read a flash drive. And I'm not overly adept at modifying startup scripts to handle the same chores.


Way I see it, the thread I refer to should never have been closed, there is NO proper fix detailed in it. Ram Guy closed it so as not to need to contend with it any more;.


That's NOT good for company name!!!


I've always been quite pleased with Corsair products, use a variety, but actions of Ram Guy has guided me a different direction!


I didn't buy this flash drive for my Winbox, I use my Winbox as little as possible. I bought them for my Linux boxes, and sure as heck wish I would have read all thru the referenced thread you closed before going to store to purchase... (what a cheesy action!)


NOT a happy camper!



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