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HX620 and GTX295


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I'm sorry for posting the same old, same old like anybody else who can't calculate the power usage of his rig, but... ;-) I have a Quad Q6600 @3.2Ghz, 4GB DDR2, and 3x HDDs -- one Raptor and 2 other 'standard' Barracudas. I currently run fine on a OC'ed 8800GTX card, all with a HX620 PSU.


Going to upgrade to a single GTX295 card. Should I worry about the HX620 handling all this with the new card? I'm worried because the min PSU wattage according to nVidia is 680W. I guess I don't have to worry about 12V drops with this great PSU? Thank you.

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Ummm I don't think you can just 2x 280... Plus, I don't think that that HX5620 even is returned by the search, ever :) Anyway, I did some more reading:


The GTX 295 requires combined 46A. The 620 is 50A. -- Cool.


This is my current card:



The GTX 295:



Based on this I'm looking at +30W more? All this said there's a good chance it'll be OK (even if borderline OK), right? Anything wrong with my rationale here? Thanks!

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