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TWIN3X20481333C9DHX and TW3X4G1600C9DHX together = big problem :(


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Hi everyone, i've search everywhere but i couldnt find an answer :( here is my problem.. i have 2x1gb ddr3 1333 (TWIN3X20481333C9DHX) in dual channel on my asus p5e3 deluxe, and everything works fine. Yesterday i got 2x2gb ddr3 1600 (TW3X4G1600C9DHX)..


slot 1 and 3 = 2x1gb 1333

slot 2 and 4 = 2x2gb 1600


but here is the problem..i have vista x64 sp1 and after few minutes it starts to freeze, or it freezes immediately if i open games .. i tried my new 2x2gb ram alone and i got no problems, so i think its not broken or something.. i tried to change settings in bios, from manually to auto but it didnt work :(


My (n00b) question is, is it possible to use both ram together??

Any information would be very appreciated, thanks !

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