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bad RAM stick and loud Airflow Fan


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Finally getting around to this now.


My first issue is related to my old post...



where I had exchanged a twin set of modules (6400c4)through RMA and one of them that was still bad. I hadn't bothered to try send it back because I bought a new set of identical modules while waiting on the RMA. So I've been using 3 modules and it's been fine(2 new and 1 from the RMA). I'd like to get my system up to 4GB instead of the 3GB it's been running at. If I put the one problem module in alone, it still makes the system do long beeps. And if I pair it with it's matching module it will freeze the system.


Secondly, I purchased CMXAF1 Airflow fan back in May. The fans have always made a noticable rubbing sound, mainly the center fan. If I put my finger on the middle fan the noise stops. I've put up with it as it wasn't that big of a deal, but now I'm trying to get my PC to run quieter so I had to remove the fan kit. I've read some other posts where the same issue is mentioned. Could this be something I could get exchanged too? Has the fan kit been improved upon lately?

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