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Dell D630 memory upgrade causing computer to reboot


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I have a Dell Lattitude D630 that originally had 2 gig rams. I just purchased 2 2GB DDR2 800MHz Corsar memory chips to upgrade it to 4 gig. After install, Task Manager reported the 3.5Gig it should.


I am running VMWare workstation and opened that to an image I am working with to bump up it's memory usage to 2Gig. When I ran that image is caused my entire laptop to reboot. This happened several time. I changed the images memory to 1.5 gig and it was ok. I moved up to 1.75 gig and it caused a reboot again.


I then got a copy of memtest86+. Let it run for two cycles and it reported no errors.


Just now, without running VMWare my laptop top rebooted again.


Any clues??


Many thanks,


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