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Asus Striker II NSE compability


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Today I've a Asus Striker II NSE MB with 1 pair of TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHXIN which is running fine. Now im thinking of upgrading to another pair of TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHXIN. Is there anything particular to think about (bump the ram voltage more etc)? Furtermore, will is work getting 2 pairs TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHXIN with this motherboard.


Thanks in advance


Thomas P

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When you add memory like this, due to the load on the memory controller, the original performance cannot be guaranteed. You may need to adjust your memory controller voltage to compensate for the load of 4 modules and, you may or may not be able to sustain DDR1600 or better speed.


In this case, a 2 x 2GB kit is a much better option for getting 4GB.

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